Damiana Carpizo CST. CMT

Manos Corazón

Touchwork for Embodiment, Resilience and Relief


I offer a unique combination of subtle energy work, focused therapeutic tissue work, and verbally guided somatic explorations. Through the attuned listening touch of cranialsacral therapy and various techniques of soft tissue manipulation, sessions help unwind tension, myofascial restrictions, and settle the nervous system. Through somatic inquiry and mindfulness I help clients connect to their physical-emotional body, inviting a deeper, explorative and articulated awareness into their healing process and mind-body integration.  In my sessions clients feel profoundly held, seen and nurtured.  This is an invitation to open, receive, heal and release.

When I was young I wanted to study biology or fine art.  Instead I became a touch artist and a diligent student of the body mind spirit continuum. I have been spiritually curious since my early teens, learning bodywork since my early 20’s and exploring diverse embodiment and healing modalities for almost 20 years.  I didn’t exactly choose this path -the path of the Wounded Healer is not an easy one, and it chooses you.  In time it has become my calling and passion.

Through years of study and my own profound journey of healing from chronic pain, chronic fatigue and emotional trauma, I’ve come to understand first hand that the physical body is the topography of the unconscious.  Our bodies tell the story of our lives and this story is imprinted in our embodied form and tissues.

What clients Say

“The body is the topography of the unconscious”.

– Damiana Carpizo