About Damiana

When I was young I wanted to study biology or fine art.  Instead I bacame a touch artist and a diligent student of the body mind spirit continuum. I have been spiritually curious since my early teens, learning bodywork since my early 20’s and exploring diverse embodiment and healing modalities for almost 20 years.  I didn’t exactly choose this path -the path of the Wounded Healer is not an easy one, and it chooses you.  In time it has become my calling and passion.

Through years of study and my own profound journey of healing from chronic pain, chronic fatigue and emotional trauma, I’ve come to understand first hand that the physical body is the topography of the unconscious.  Our bodies tell the story of our lives and this story is imprinted in our embodied form and tissues. When strong physical or emotional imprints are not fully processed or released, pain and dis-ease occur later on.  Our body is also the portal and filter through which we perceive and receive our experience of the world. The shapes of our bodies color our perception and interpretation of our physical, emotional and spiritual reality.   This is why I believe its so important to nourish and tend to our bodies in a loving way, to help them unwind, soften, heal and be free.

I’m grateful to love my work.  It is not just an offering and way of making a living,  its a way of life and of celebrating the gift of embodiment, it keeps me curious, excited to always continue learning and engaged with my own healing, evolution and freedom. When I’m not working, studying, or assisting workshops, I’m enjoying a cup of delicious coffee and a good book,  soaking in hotsprings or in natural beauty, snuggling with my cat or my partner,  cooking wonderfully healthy meals or on an adventure exploring this beautiful world.


Blueprint Resonance:  Polarity Life Coach – Colorado School of Energy Studies

Biodynamic Cranialsacral Therapist – Colorado School of Energy Studies

Visionary Cranialsacral – Milne Institute

Licensed Bodyworker – CAMTC registered

Healing Art of Deep Bodywork Practitioner – Esalen School of Massage

Prenatal Massage Therapist – Kate Jordan Seminars: Bodywork for the Childbering Year

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Therapeutic Yoga Teacher – Anusara System

BA in Language and South Asian Studies – UCSC