My work is a combination of soothing Esalen inspired massage, loving presence, attuned listening, subtle energetics, anatomically informed tissue work, myofascial release,  and verbal invitations to connect to the body through breath and mindfulness.  It is both structural as well as biodynamic and based on the knowing that our bodies have an innate capacity to heal given the proper conditions.  In my sessions I collaborate with clients to create some of these conditions.

Bodywork sessions relieve physical tension, mental stress and enhance whole-body connection.  They are deeply soothing to the nervous system and promote pain relief,  muscle relaxation, joint mobility and blood/lymph circulation. Its a healing, delicious and restorative experience for mind body and soul.

I also offer prenatal and postpartum massage to support and nurture women through the childbearing year and thereafter.  Pregnancy massage helps with the physical and emotional discomforts women might experience during this important time. It may reduce depression and anxiety, relieve structural aches and pains, regulate hormone balance and decrease swelling. It is performed on a standard massage table with the mother in a semi-reclining and side-line position, propped to absolute comfort by soft pillows and wedges.

“Our hands imbibe like roots
So I place them on what is beautiful in this world, And I fold them in prayer
And they draw from the heavens light.”
~St. Francis of Assisi