Somatic Coaching

Intense life experiences  -such as emotional trauma, medical interventions, accidents, etc- not fully processed in the nervous system become energetic blockages in the tissues.  These blockages affect our emotional range, physical posture and how much of our bodies we can feel or how embodied we are.  Patterns of posture and tension are often related to habitual mental patterns and stories we hold about ourselves -‘No body loves me’, ‘I’m not worthy’, ‘I’m too fragile’ and so on.  Many common ailments like anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, physical pain and destructive behaviors are a result of these undigested experiences and stories our body is holding on to.  The body doesn’t lie or forget.  It needs to be gently, lovingly and skillfully invited to create new connections and integrate the forsaken parts.  

 In my sessions I support clients, through touch as well as verbal inquiry and somatic mindfulness, to connect to their inner and outer resources, feel into the shapes of their body, the narratives it may hold, and have insights as to how physical symptoms might be connected to deeper emotional or historical issues. I lovingly guide them towards more embodied self awareness, self compassion and self regulation.   Learning to self regulate and hold our wounding with compassion is important so we don’t get hijacked by the neurology of our past conditioning.  Awareness is the first step to wholeness and healing and together we cultivate skills for managing life circumstances more mindfully and from an embodied felt sense. 

Through attuned contact, physical touch and safety our bodymind softens.   From a more relaxed and open bodymind we feel more -more connected, more present, more alive, – and our bodies’ innate wisdom and capacity for health and resilience grows.  Life becomes more juicy and vibrant.  We become more of our true Selves.